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COVID Update: We are open for workshop servicing, sales deliveries & contactless pick-up.

Gas Cylinder Testing & Certification

Sprint Gas is a certified Australian Gas Cylinder Test Station (Certificate no. GC0226). All gas tanks and cylinders are stamped with the Test Station Mark and the test date so to make sure you know when it's due for a re-stamp. 

We test and certify a range of gas tanks and once the tank has been inspected and components replaced it will be date stamped to confirm another 10 years of service life. 

As a certified Australian Gas Cylinder Test Station, we test & certify LPG tanks for vehicles, forklifts, BBQ bottles & more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 10-year tank test starts from $120.00 per tank and is valid for 10 years. 

First, the tank is removed from the vehicle for inspection where we check the tank for damage and check the valves in the tank for safety and operation. If there is gas still left in the tank, it must be fully purged before it can be properly inspected.  

The safety valve is always changed during a tank test as its function is to vent gas out of the tank if the pressure ever happens to build-up to a high level so it is very important to change the safety valve to make sure it operates correctly.  

The lock-off and sender units are also tested, the valves are re-installed and all threads are once again sealed. All seals and retaining screws are to be replaced.  

If it’s an automotive gas cylinder, the cylinder will then be re-fitted and connected with the LPG system in the vehicle. 

Depending on the tank and where it is fitted, a tank test can take 1.5 hours up to 4 hours. 

The gas cylinder certificate inspection and 10-year tank/s testing needs to be carried out by a certified Australian Gas Cylinder Test Station with specialist equipment.

No. Working on any part of an LPG system including removal and installation must be carried out by a trained licensed individual.

VicRoads regulations are that vehicle owners must now use a VicRoads-approved AFSACS service provider for installation of gas fuel systems and all ongoing servicing, repair and maintenance. 

To show your vehicle is safe enough to drive on public roads,  your gas tank needs to be current.

To determine the LAST TEST DATE of any LP Gas cylinder, simply refer to the information stamped on the cylinder foot ring or the valve protection collar.  Automotive LP Gas cylinders may have a data plate or tag attached to the cylinder. 

Test Certificates issued by the Certified Test Station are valid only when signed. 

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