Switching to LPG is the smarter choice.

Introducing the modern gas bottle…

The Hexagon Ragasco line of composite LPG cylinders is the modern alternative to the traditional steel cylinder & gas bottle. Suitable for a variety of applications, at home, for recreational activities as well as industrial applications, the cylinder is made from advanced polymeric and composite materials combining uncompromising safety, quality, design and innovation into the future standard for gas containment.

Cylinders are available in 5kg, 7.5kg & 10kg sizes.

Never run out of gas

You can easily see the gas level & know when it’s time to refill, which means you’ll be less likely to run out of gas. The translucent construction eliminates the need for inaccurate gauges. A simple quick visual check is enough to confirm how much LPG remains in the cylinder.

Safer than your normal cylinder

These cylinders have been used around the world for over 15 years, withstanding diverse weather conditions ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius in tropical, coastal & desert regions.

So light to lift

The lighter weight of these cylinders is one of the most user-friendly attributes making it easy to handle. Our cylinders are typically half the weight of their steel equivalents, ergonomically designed to be easier to lift & handle by just about anyone.

No more rust stains

You’ll appreciate that our cylinders do not rust which means they don’t leave stains on a deck, car, boat, or anywhere else you use them.

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