From mechanic to industry pioneer

The Sprint Gas story began in the late 1970s in a mechanical servicing and repairs workshop in Abbotsford, Victoria. By the 1980s, founder Antonio (Toni) Boemo pioneered the introduction of LPG automotive technologies in the Australian market, turning his small workshop into the leading distributor of LPG automotive conversion systems that it is today.

Over the years Sprint Gas has grown steadily and expanded to also supply a wide-range of LPG equipment and engines. Although our company is more than 40 years old, our mission and values remain loyal to what was important when the company started.

Our mission & values

We’re family owned

Toni Boemo founded Sprint Gas because he saw an opportunity to help people. He saw that LPG was an alternative to petrol that allowed Australian families and small business owners to get ahead. Sprint Gas remains a family-owned business and retains that foundation philosophy of helping people save and making their lives easier.

As a family-owned business, we think it’s important to treat people as we ourselves would like to be treated: fairly and with respect. That means we’re reliable and honest in everything we do.

Toni’s workshop thrived because people trusted him to keep his word. More than 40 years later, you can still trust us to do exactly what we say we’re going to do for you.

We’re thinking about the future

We see LPG as a transition fuel.  We know LPG is a fossil fuel and by referring to it as a transitional energy source we acknowledge that it won’t be around forever. Renewable energy such as wind, solar, hydro and other biofuels are the way of the future but these technologies are not capable of powering our cars, homes and offices just yet.

While renewable technology develops, established fuel sources with lower carbon emissions will be the bridge between the old world of coal power generation and the new world of no-emission energy technology.

That’s where we believe LPG fits in.

We’re invested in quality

When you’ve been involved in an industry for more than 40 years you get a good idea of what matters and what doesn’t. You get to see how customers’ needs and ideas change. What we’ve seen over the last four decades is that you can’t skimp on quality. Ever.

All of our components conform to the strictest international quality and safety standards applicable to their sector and country of use. In the case of LPG vehicle conversion systems, we only use those designed to exceed the globally recognised Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1425.

To maintain the high quality our customers expect, we continue to source our genuine products new from the Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Thailand. We put an emphasis on excellent manufacturing, service and advice, because we value the health and safety of our customers and their families.

We appreciate diversity

We know it takes a variety of different people to make a business operate well. People with a diverse array of ideas, strengths, interests and backgrounds make our company what it is today, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Without diversity, fresh perspectives are never offered, new ways of doing things remain unexplored and unique sets of skills never come together. Sprint Gas is a place of work and a place for customers where everyone should feel welcome.