My Sprint Gas LPG system was fitted by Rudi at Romsey Mechanical Services to a Holden Commodore 5.7 Gen 3.

Last weekend I travelled 500 km to Philip Island for a GT Series Race Meeting and return to Lancefield.  I refuelled at Bulla.
I used 56.18 litres of LPG for the 500 km which works out to be 11.2 l/100km on LPG from a 5.7 V8.  On the trip I travelled into Newport and from the freeway and also went to and from my accomodation in Cowes with my son driving. None of it was driven in economy mode!!!! My estimate is that on freeway travel only it will get onto the low 10's.
Do you want a testimonial after I keep some more details?
The car had travelled 146,000km prior to fitting with Sprintgas and I fitted a SS Induction Freshair System and new leads and plugs prior to the SVI installation.
John Bowe was impressed by my earlier figures; the current figures cannot be refuted.
You are welcome to inspect/test the car.

Equiv. to 4.47L ULP/100km on a cost basis. TK

- Terry Kingston

Hi Sprint Gas, Sorry it's taken a bit of time to use up the 1st tank of gas (good for us !! )
Gas 48.75 Lts used 530 Ks. traveled works out to 9.2 Lts per 100 Ks.
Mate that's better than I ever hoped for, and that was City Cycle. The Nissan X Trail on petrol was returning 8.4 to 8.7 per 100 ks doing the same journey
Will update you on Highway Cycle when we have a chance to do a long run.

- John

FYI B.J.M.'s Automotive Services LPG conversion highly commendable customer service.
I would like to thank you for the referral to use B.J.M.'s for the professional supply and careful installation of your Sprint Gas product into our vehicle. The time, effort and experience Bill has applied to the LPG conversion of our VY V8 Holden has been exceptional! His willingness to provide an immaculate presentation of the installation was only surpassed by his sincere commitment to help deliver a reliable working conversion. I was so impressed with the honest advice, competent mechanical skill and customer service I have received that I felt compelled to recommend B.J.M.'s workshop without hesitation for LPG and mechanical work.

- Chris Jarnjevic