How to Service

Servicing & Maintenance

Sprint Gas recommends that general maintenance of the vehicle be carried out in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's instructions and specifications. In addition, the AutoGAS System must be maintained by an Authorized Sprint Gas technician. Sprint Gas recommends that your AutoGAS System be serviced every 10,000km or 6 months, whichever occurs first.

Periodical servicing and maintenance is a crucial factor to ensure efficient, safe and durable operation of your AutoGAS System.

A trained technician should carry out the following procedures;

  • Replacement of the liquid filters every 20,000kms or sooner if necessary.
  • Check hoses and connections for leakage, kinks or abnormal wear.
  • Check for AutoGAS and water leakage over the whole system.
  • Check all electrical connections, especially connections to earth.
  • Check all components are fixed to the vehicle in a safe and satisfactory manner.
  • Check the correct operation of the AutoGAS System through tuning and PC Interface.
  • Check the secure mounting of the AutoGAS Cylinder.


Particular attention must be focused on the Spark Plugs, air filter/s, and emission analysis. Oil and water levels must also be maintained as per vehicle manufacturer's recommendation. If any repairs need to be carried out to the vehicle that requires the use of a paint oven, providing the temperatures of the paint oven remain at less than 40°, the AutoGAS System does not require any special attention. If however the vehicle was going into a paint oven above 40° or a welding application was to take place anywhere near the AutoGAS Cylinder or AutoGAS lines and hoses, the AutoGAS components should be removed by an Authorized Sprint Gas Technician.