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Company Overview

Sprint Gas (Aust) Pty Ltd supply quality LPG vehicle conversion systems and components to the LPG vehicle conversion industry.

Sprint Gas was founded more than 40 years ago by Antonio "Toni" Boemo who believed strongly in developing honourable, long-term business relationships with all of his stakeholders and in always seeking ways to offer the latest technology to his customers in innovative, high performance and highly durable equipment designs.

Our continued adherence to the integrity of these guiding principles has enabled Sprint Gas to grow and to become a leader in each of the industry sectors we operate in today.

The maintenance of our key relationships provides Sprint Gas with a wealth of up to date product knowledge and first class access to the latest in technical expertise, which in turn is made available through ongoing training of our expanding LPG vehicle system installer network.

Our global suppliers and our technical team in Australia also liaise closely and regularly to ensure that our products maintain their exceptional quality and performance levels throughout their service life in the severe local conditions experienced in Australia.


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Quality Statement

Sprint Gas is committed to Quality and Safety .

All components used by Sprint Gas conform to the strictest international quality and safety standards applicable to their sector and country of use and, in the case of LPG Vehicle conversion systems, are designed to exceed the globally recognised Australian and New Zealand standard, AS/NZS 1425.

However our commitment to the relevant Australian and New Zealand standards is but one component of our evolving goal of improving all the systems, services and products which we supply.

Our objective is to provide equipment to the industries we serve to standards that meet and surpass the expectations of our clients.

We strive to achieve this objective by continually developing and integrating improvements into every area of our organisation's operations as well as into our expanding range of product and service offerings.

Environmental Statement  

Environmental Statement

We believe that it is imperative that all of us, as custodians of the future, continue to reduce our demands on traditional fossil fuels and assist in the development and promotion of more environmentally friendly, practical fuel alternatives.

We intend to continue to work in partnership with our suppliers in the pursuit of these goals and to assist in the continual development of more efficient, proven greener alternative fuels such as LPG and Compressed Natural Gas.